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Paid Widgets:


A smooth advanced XenHTML Weather/Date/Time/Music/battery/device info/countdown Widget. Purchase beta for more frequent updates.

TradingView iOS Widgets

Simple stock and crypto ticker-tape & chart widgets. Info from tradingview.com


An iOS phone dialer widget located conveniently on your iOS device's home/lock screen.


With HSketch! you can create masterpieces straight from your lock or home screen. Pinch the screen to change brush size and color. After you are done, shake your device to reset your canvas or save your artwork.


CirBat is a unique & customizable iOS animated battery widget.


A customizable retro looking record player iOS music player widget.


A smooth, customizable, RGB, color changing XenHTML Weather, Date, & Time Widget


A fun interactive retro Mario Xen HTML widget that includes both the time and the date in a pixelated font.


A fun interactive retro Pokemon Xen HTML widget that includes both the time and the date in a pixelated font.


Switches through custom wallpaper overlays depending on the time.


Create the perfect spooky iOS setup for halloween using this Jack-o'-lantern style clock widget.


The first MK1 Widget! Control your iDevice from anywhere on your home/lock screens straight from a widget. Available on Packix for just $1.00!

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Free Widgets:

Flappybird Homecoming

Flappybird is back, on your homescreen!

Local Covid Case Counter

View covid cases from your homescreen.

Terminal Widget

Functional terminal widget directly on your homescreen. Requires MK1, MK1 XenHTML, and Xen HTML


A simple free iOS stopwatch widget as requested by u/TimkoMusic. Just tap the widget to start/stop the stopwatch and double tap to reset it.


An iOS magic 8 ball widget conveniently located on your home/lock screen. Just shake your device to see the magic 8 ball answer your yes or no questions.